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Overweight & Obesity

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A luxury treatment centre in Switzerland

The Kusnacht Practice is renowned for its absolute, dedicated attention and precision, honesty and transparency in a warm and empathetic environment.

With the pure waters of Lake Zurich lapping on its nearby shores and enveloped by nature and clean air, the treatment centre offers a holistic, 360 degree, mind, body and energy rebalancing and restoration.

Its state-of-the-art facility combines Swiss standards of excellence, luxury and cutting edge, innovative technology with world-renowned medical expertise, compassion and sensitivity. Each and every patient is treated uniquely and privately in their own sumptuous, five-star residence and provided with the highest standards of professionalism, care and discretion.



At The Kusnacht Practice, we don’t judge you. We nurture recovery through empathy and a sensitive, holistic approach. Rest assured, discretion and privacy are central pillars to everything we do. We look for the root causes of such dependencies, as what lies beneath is vital in understanding the triggers for behaviour. This way, we can liberate and enrich your energy and restore you back to your best self.





We don’t judge any individual at The Kusnacht Practice, we just find health solutions with our nurturing, holistic and empathetic 360 degree approach.

We will focus on improving your mind, body and energy. Everyone is different and your plan will be absolutely personalised. But depending on your objective and ability, you will receive up to 6-8 sessions per day, which will include therapies with our doctors focusing on Biomolecular Restoration (BIO-R®), your nutrition, mind & lifestyle. In addition to these sessions will be enriching treatments related to body and mind conducted by our complementary therapists – improving your wellbeing and energy levels.

These will all be undertaken in complete privacy and with absolute discretion in luxurious Swiss surroundings with the calming waters of Lake Zurich just a short stroll away.

For some clients, a bariatric surgery may be suggested alongside our Biomolecular Restoration treatment. We can arrange this for you with no detail overlooked and utilising the skills of the best surgeons in Switzerland.

Our unparalleled team of experts is designed to offer you a sustainable weight loss solution to change your life. By switching your metabolism into fat burning mode, improving your energy and vitality, while reducing your cravings for food and increasing satiety, our programme combines techniques to boost self-confidence and to rebalance body and mind successfully. We will also identify any underlying mental issues that may walk hand-in-hand with obesity.

Gradually, we can improve your mobility and independence, reducing your reliance on others.

Rest assured, a healthy relationship with food can be restored and a positive future designed for you.

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Treatment enquiries +41 44 505 12 74
Our unique approach is discreet, non-judgemental and confidential

We look beyond the surface issues in order to identify and treat the true underlying causes. Feel free to contact us to learn more. Our comprehensive treatment starts at 117,300 CHF per week for the entire programme.